Express Massage $40

When time is minimal but relief is critical and express is the solution. Partial body treatment is limited to problem areas. Treatment time: 30 minutes

Deep Tissue Massage $75

Deep tissue techniques are used to release chronic patterns of tension throughout problem areas. Treatment time: 60 minutes

TMJ/Head and Neck Massage $65

Treatment is focused on the face, head, neck, shoulders, and back. Treatment relieves chronic or periodic tension which is related or triggered by conditions such as TMJ dysfunction and pain or neck and whiplash pain. Treatment time: 60 minutes

Reiki Treatment $55

This energy focused healing treatment focuses on reducing pain and stress. The practitioner gently places hands on or above client for specific time to unblock Ki (energy). Client remains fully clothed and there is no massage or manipulation. Treatment time: 60 minutes

Aromatherapy $5

Aromatherapy may be added to any massage. The finest therapeutic and aromatic essential oils are blended to restore and enhance both physical and mental well being.


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